Sunday, 11 June 2017

Making -More- Eyes

Over the past few weeks I've been going eye-crazy and I think it's been showing. There's the rocks here and the board here and a sketchbook full of eyes that I never got around to photographing....but will.

And then there's the fabric version pictured here in yellow green and blue - though there are more colours I've been working with. Some quite unexpected and surprising but they seem to work for me.

These are about 24 cm wide and 13 cm high and entirely made out of cotton. They are the basic applique piece for a series of bags I've been planning and designing for a while now.

Said bags have one of these big eyes as the central focal point with all sorts of added embellishments and bits of interest.

The bags are already in the process of being made as we speak and I totally love them all!

One of them is already finished and I'll be sharing pictures of it with you shortly.

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