Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday Shopping

It's Saturday! Time to join zsazsazsu for Saturday Shopping.

 This is the latest cuff in the shop. It's not the usual kind of cuff I make but it was created for last week's  European Street Team challenge which I was really excited about!

The theme was 'Medieval'.
So I found one of granny's already damaged embroidered pieces, cut it up and made this.

And I called 'The Queen Of Hearts Tapestry Cuff'.

For more Saturday  Shopping head on over to zsazsazsu



  1. your entry is stunning, again ! but pls relink as your link is not correct on my blog. I would not want people to miss your beautiful entry ! Have a fun weekend,

  2. I love your idea...and it is so looking sharp ...definatelly will be a party stopper!


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