Friday, 4 March 2011

Flower Bomb! New Trend Report On Handmade Europe

It's time for a new Trend Report over at Handmade Europe and March's trend is Flowers!

Paul&Joe-Rochas-Vivienne Westwood-Vanesa Bruno
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 Many top designers featured florals or flowers in their collections bringing an early spring on the catwalk.

 For more wonderful floral creations and the full Trend Report click on Flower Bomb! Trend Report March 2011 .


  1. I'm so glad floral prints are coming back...maybe my '60's outfits will be in style again!

  2. I LOVE florals. At least half of the dresses/skirt I own are floral prints. I love the ring at the bottom right!

  3. I love flowers and I'm glad florals are coming back!
    Thank you for featuring my print:)

  4. Beautiful dresses and items! I love flowers as well. Thank you so much!

  5. Flowers are always fashionable (if you asked me LOL). Thanks for featuring Karuski's earrings here!


  6. Indeed, the flower trend is very powerful at the moment! And the news is that, even though flowers are alwaysfashionable, now we can combine lots of morifs in one outfit! How cool is that!


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