Saturday, 18 June 2011

Little Girl Accesssories

Taking Little Girl Accessory photos is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Most of the accessories in the OnePerfectDay shop on etsy are meant for big and little girls alike, so I love it when a mum buys something for her little girl and herself to wear and share.

But up to now I hadn't found my muse.

At last, here she is.

 The most darling little girl with the disposition of a fairy.

And this is my first Little Girl Sash listed in the shop.

In warm caramel tones.

With a 1.5 metre cotton ribbon to wrap around head, wrist or waist, it's quite the versatile accessory.....

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  1. waw what a great model you have there !

  2. Beautiful sash, love the colors! And your model is so cute :-)

  3. Fantastic! I love the colors!
    Not to mention that the model is ADORABLE!!!!

  4. such a pretty little girl! and she looks even prettier with your little treasure Gia! Love your photos! :)

  5. loving the flower! you've captured great photo too! i especially love the fourth one!


  6. Gorgeous photos, and what a darling little girl!!!

  7. What a sweet muse, and a pretty sash.


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