Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wedding Bells!

Weddings are one of my favourite things -along with ferris wheels, balloons and twinkle lights.
I love the festivity and the excitement and the promise of happily-ever-after that it holds.
 I also love the decorations, the dresses, the gowns and all the beautiful paraphernalia that accompanies a wedding.
So, I was over-the-moon happy when the lovely Stacey of DragonflyNewMedia  contacted me for a custom order!

Stacey saw the Golden Siren Cuff/Armband and felt it would go well with her steampunk themed wedding.

So the ringpillow was made with the same shantung silk as well as my favourite vintage handmade crochet lace.

And the same fairy-like translucent ribbon.

The wedding is in only a few days

so I'm wishing her the wedding of her dreams

and a happily ever after.

And I'll be waiting for the pictures!

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  1. Wow! Your custom-made creations look amazing!!! Well done!

  2. Great creations Gia! I'm sure the wedding is going to be just perfect! :)

  3. I am in to this 100%!!!Great job!!!

  4. this is gorgeous!perfect for the wedding!

  5. This is so beautiful!! I love the photos, and the pieces are gorgeous!!

  6. Fantastic work!!!
    And i wish the young couple to live happily ever after!!!!

  7. They are so beautiful--I really love shantung silk, it has a body and sheen that is unmatchable. You are incredibly creative.

  8. wow, stunning!!!! What a lovely idea :)

  9. They exude feminity! Just gorgous!


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