Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mega Birthday Give-Away at The RikRak Studio

There's a great big birthday celebration going on over at the rik rak studio.

There are lots of exciting prizes to be won.

If you spied a familiar flamingo organza flower in the midst of the give-away items, yes, it's
this one right here and you can win it with a wonderful wool bracelet from the lovely Sonya of Kanelstrad and a flower and pearl necklace from Prairy Blossoms.

For the rest of the prizes and all the details on how to enter, click the rik rak studio.

And don't forget to wish Kristal a Happy Birthday!


  1. Great post Gia!
    Thanks for the notice!

    p.s. I am in "stand by" mode :)

  2. Yes, go ahead and enter the giveaway! This may be the only opportunity for you to win both Gia's and my creations in a single attempt! You may think of it as a bridge between nations - From Greece, to Norway, to USA, all this awesomeness only for you!


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