Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Moodboard - Natural Wonders

I have a thing for wood.
Especially driftwood.
I love those smooth rounded shapes and that surprising lightness.
I'm an avid driftwood collector.
One of these days I'll probably make one of those driftwood projects that are floating around in my mind.

Monday Mooodboard is a game played by the members of the European etsy Team every Monday.   The moodboard is a selection of items from the team that reflect your mood at that particular day.  It's lots of fun!
Anyone in the team can join in. Just link your very own moodboard to the host of the game StarOfTheEast.


  1. There really is something amazing about wood. They just make something so much more unique, like wood jewelry and wood watches!
    Belly B :)

  2. I love driftwood too :-)
    great picks Gia!

  3. Those items are beautiful. I can see why driftwood projects would be dancing through your mind.

  4. Love the driftwood necklace!
    Thank you for the feature and have a great week!

  5. I love driftwood too! Thank you for sharing these wonderful finds!! Love the necklace!!

  6. Yeah my feelings exactly!!! Love your mood dear!

  7. Very cool! Driftwood is an under-used medium.

  8. I just love driftwood. Every piece has made its own journey and has a story to tell. Amazing selections Gia!

  9. Amazing

    Love all of them .. And I can feel this mood :)

  10. You're not alone in your love. Once upon a time, when I was a rebellious teenager, I used to hang driftwood on thin strips of leather around my neck. Talk about eco-friendly jewelry...

  11. I love driftwood too! This necklace is amazing!!!

  12. Wonderful moodboard!
    Thanks for playing and thanks so much for the feature :)


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