Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Creative Space - Black Ruffle Cuffs

While black is definately a safe choice for accessories, I naturaly tend to move towards happy colours instead.

Lately, however, I've been drawn to the dramatic effect of black.

This ruffle cuff is black shantung silk -which is one of my all-time favourite materials to work with-

with some black lace and a taupe cotton ribbon to tie it closed.

This one is an ice-blue cotton ruffle cuff with an extra wide black lace over it

and a pale blue-gray cotton ribbon with black trimming to tie it closed.

Black Shantung Ruffle Cuff: here.
Ice Blue Ruffle Cuff with Black Lace: here.

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  1. beautiful designs..!!! both of them !

  2. Oh, the ice-blue cotton ruffle cuff goes so well with those ripped jeans shorts! Crazy!

  3. Lovely cuffs! I love the black one :)

  4. Both cuffs are amazing Gia!! Looove them!!!

  5. I love abit of black lace - beautiful!

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  6. Very pretty! Love the dramatic affect they add to the outfit.

  7. Wonderful designs, Gia!!!!
    Like you, I usually go for happy colors, but black is an all-time stunner and I love it as it brings out the contrast with color so well!

  8. VERY pretty cuffs! And the pictures are wonderful! Congratulations!

  9. Φανταστικό!! Ρομαντικό και ροκ μαζί!

  10. I love the blue and black. Fantastic!


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