Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tickle Me Tuesdays! - Super Sweet

I'm so excited to be putting together another Tickle Me edition! I've missed a couple and Tuesdays just aren't the same without one!
So here are some of my favourite, girlie etsy items with an extra large dose of candy pink.

1. The millinery section in The Gilded Bee is full of perfect little posies of beautiful flowers like these that make my heart go pitter-patter.

2. The Dragon House Of Yuen has a whole -extended- family of these fetching little bunnies.

3. ScrapunzelPixie has some of my all-time favourite brooches. I love those hearts....and the birds....and the trees.....

4. Abigail Brown makes a whole array of  unbelievable textile art birds. The only appropriate word I can think of is: awesome!

5.I can't resist anything circus, so add vintage and pink on top of that and Altered Artifacts really got me with this one!

For more Tickle me Tueday posts or for a chance to play along visit  Yes, Teacher!


  1. That textile art bird is really amazing. I love your findings! Checking out the shops now.


  2. sweet! and i found a new favorite ScrapunzelPixie, she really makes the cutest brooches :-)

  3. αγαπημενα χρωματα και αρτιστικ επιλογες..



  4. I love pink! The flamingo is my favorite :)

  5. Love all these fun picks, especially the bunnies!! Very cute!

  6. Love those bunnies...how unique!!

  7. That flamingo is amazing!!! Thanks so much for posting about it. I must have it!!

  8. Oh YUM two of these are already in my favs!!! lovelovelove! Happy Tuesday!

  9. i love love love the textile art bird! so gorgeous!

  10. thank you! such beautiful choices!!
    Annette :)


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