Wednesday, 30 November 2011

DIY - Easy Lavender-filled Christmas Tree Brooch Tutorial

I remember seeing my first little Christmas Tree Brooch on the internet a couple of years ago. To someone who adores Christmas the way I do it was the prettiest little thing imaginable....

Here's my version of it. A very simple version for even an absolute beginner to ace.

Here goes:

1. Play around with the shape you want your tree to have. When you're happy with it cut out a stencil that you will use if making more than one.
 Trace as many little trees as you want onto your fabric. I'm using a very thick velour-like material that doesn't fray but felt would also be great. Basicaly any material that doesn't fray can be used for the top of the trees.

2. Then cut your trees out.

3. Put them onto the backing fabric -I chose a thick, dark denim- and sew the trees on it with some space in-between.

4. Then cut them out.
In the picture you can see I've left some denim edges peek out. The idea was to have them fray gently and work as an extra pop, to emphasize the shape of the tree. However, this didn't go according to plan as the denim had other ideas and frayed terribly, so after step 6 you will not see it any more as I cut all the denim edges of and I'm much happier with the original tree shape, unadorned and uncluttered.
If you decide you like the edges keep them, if not cut the two sides clean (and perhaps leave some extra fabric at the bottom to make step 6 easier).

5. Stuff them with lavender -or even stuffing if you don't like lavender or you just don't have any close at hand.
Use the best, freshest lavender you can find so that the revitalizing smell and all it's therapeutic properties follow you around all day.

6. Sew the bottom closed.
Make sure you start your stitching about an inch on the one side and take it all the way to the other side and about another inch up that side. You don't want the stitches to come undone and have all that lovely lavender spill out.

This is what the tree looks like after I cut of the denim edges.

7. Attach pin back of your choice.
The Lavender-filled Christmas Tree Brooch is now ready to wear!
Or to give.
I've made quite a few of these that I plan to give out as little Christmas gifts this year.
I've also put a couple in the shop.

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  1. This is just awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful creation and idea!

  2. very cute brooches, right in the spirit of Christmas! the tutorial is great, love the step to step instructions :-)

  3. Anything stuffed with lavender has to be good, and these are adorable.

  4. What a gorgeous idea! You are so creative!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. ADORABLE is mildly put. Lovely, lovely!

  6. absolutely amazing idea!!! wow!!

  7. Τι όμορφη ιδέα!!! Καλό μήνα!! Άντε τα Χριστούγεννα πλησιάζουν!!! Φιλιά πολλά!!


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