Friday, 25 November 2011

My Creative Space - Wristlet Pouches

Amongst a million other things that seem to be on my worktable, I finally made my first ever pouches!

They've been on my list of things to do for ever....

So it was fortuitous that someone ordered one and of course I got carried away and got to make more.

Maybe you noticed the heart stolen from the Lavender-filled Heart Brooch.

They were lots of fun to make and I'll definately be making more when this Christmas rush is over and I have the time to breathe...

The litttle handles were actualy cut up from hanles I had made for the kid's Duck Bags a while ago.

This one is mine and as large as a pencil case but I use it for the little bag I carry around when I don't want to carry a bag. I put my keys, purse and mobile in it and I'm good to go. The handle makes it extremely practical as it dangles on your wrist and you have free hands!
 I've also made a smaller one I use as a mini make-up case in my bag.

And this one is the same size made to the specifications of my sister who -I'm happy to say- adored them on sight.....

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  1. They look great, no wonder you got carried away and made more than one :)

  2. really great Gia, love the fabrics and colors :-)

  3. What's not to adore! I totally agree with your sister!!!

    Great job as always hon'!!!

    Happy sales!

  4. Oh Gia, they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I'm in love!

  5. Those are so cute, just love them!!

  6. They are a remarkably good stocking stuffer - at least the smaller ones! Nice when one can get round to attacking one's "To Do" list!

    Have done the same on mine and have posted today about some of the things at - I'd love to invite you to visit and maybe follow me, as I'm about to do to you. I post about the toys I make, mend and create and then try to sell at

    Hope to see you there sometime, and that you had a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Your pouches are so very cute!!!

  8. And they are most definitely wonderful!


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