Saturday, 3 December 2011

I spy......Auka Winter Wonderland Magic

This week I spy a magical winter wonderland in the beautiful miniatures created by the super talented Ana of Auka on etsy.

Perfect winter scenes, strewn with pristine, irridescent snow;

idylic winter woodland scenes, by glistening ponds;

childhood snow-time fun...

with mandatory snowman;

Christmas ice-skating in the park

-all small enough for you to carry around on your ring.

How could you resist?

When visiting Auka on etsy make sure you check out the sold section for some equally fabulous summer sea-side scenes.

(Thank you Annuk for the introduction.)



  1. So tiny and so special! Love them!

  2. Oh Gia, I'm so glad I introduced you to Ana's amazing work! She designs the most incredible, stunning jewelry featuring miniature sceneries that remind me of fairy lands! Thank you for featuring her winter collection! Wonderful!!!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my work! It is a wonderful post. I feel very flatered.
    Really, a pleasure to be here!

  4. Those are so amazing. I really like to ring too!


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