Sunday, 5 February 2012

I spy...Lemony Lemon Bread.

This week, I spy this spectacular-looking lemon bread by Glorious Treats.
I have discovered a thing for lemony baked goods I never new I had and this one looks so very delicious and tempting....

And the presentation is flawless too!
For the full recipe click: Lemony Lemon Bread.


  1. OMG!!! And I looooooove lemon! :)

  2. yum right?
    lemon cake is simple but super delicious! glad you liked my post!

  3. YUM! This reminds me of a lemon cake with orange juice frosting that my mom always makes!

  4. That just looks luscious! I just need some lemons and I'm going to make this!

  5. I'm IN L♥VE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will make that one for sure!!!!


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