Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sunny Doris Day

Yesterday, while looking for images of Doris Day I came across these.
The sunniest of all old Hollywood blondes was born on 3 April 1924 and had a career that spanned six decades.

Here are some random movie posters of Doris Day's 50s and 60s films in that unmistakable, thoroughly charming style of the time. 

For an extensive list of Doris Day's movies and pictures from on and off the set: Doris
Doris Day's official web site.


  1. Great post! Never heard of Doris day before but I like it!

  2. Oh I LOVE Doris Day! She was such a pretty lady. I love her style and songs.In fact I have an entire playlist made out of her lovely songs :)


  3. The Cutest Blonde of Them All is a great title for her :)

  4. Interesting post. I do not know her either.
    But it is 3rd May today, not April :))

  5. She looks absolutely horrified in that picture with Cary Grant. Although, he's pulling a creepy vampire move, so I totally understand.

  6. Yes, Katerina....I've been making that mistake for days now....I can't seem to be able to accept May as the new month....

    In any case, Doris Day was one of the most popular actresses of the 1950s and 1960s and a godess of the romantic comedy, much like Julia Roberts in the 90s I suppose.
    Though the stories are very outdated and over-sugary for today you can still watch a movie with her in it and be mesmerized both by her and by the spectacular technicolour 50s world around her.
    However, she also played in drama films and if you look at the last poster in this post,The Man Who Knew Too Much, you'll see it's an Alfred Hitchcock movie that I'd recommend any day of the week.

  7. Ha, ha, ha, Paige, it does look a bit funny if you put it that way.....

  8. What a wonderful post! I knew just the Hitchcock movie (it is really great) and I loved her in it! And this song: (Que Sera Sera)

  9. You have the appreciate the music, the movies, the the wonderful and loyal friend that Doris is to her fans. A new author with a new book about Doris Day, just published, but this time the story is also about a correspondance that has endured over 60 years. "MY 'SECRET LOVE' AFFAIR WITH DORIS DAY" by Michael J DeVita is available NOW on Check out the reviews and read the story. Besides the 60 plus year story, the book's primary focus is on the music recorded by Doris Day and how that music affected the author's own life at various times in his career.


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