Thursday, 30 August 2012

Newest Pink And White

These are my latest in pastel pinks and white.
You can wear them as a sash, a headband or wrap them around your wrist for a pretty cuff/corsage.

With dainty white tulle leaves with lilac thread

and irridescent sequins in the shape of a flower.

This white ribbon is natural cotton and velvety soft to the touch

but very sturdy for lots of tying and untying.

I love the light and airy feel of these colours and materials.

They're all in the shop.


  1. These look really lovely - such attention to detail!


  2. These are gorgeous, very delicate!

  3. Lovely. I like the pastel asthetic shades you make things with.

  4. Wow! So romantic and pretty!
    And congrats on your new shop - I just saw it now :)


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