Friday, 9 November 2012

Top 10 Women's Scarf Inspiration

The lovely Rikka of Ricochet and Away is holding another sewing challenge on her blog for the month of November.
This time -much to my delight- it's all about scarves.

Here is my Top 10 of the wonderful scarfs pinned to our Ring Your Neck pinterest board. But there's much more inspiration there, as well as tutorials and diys.

Simply click on any photo to go to the link.

You can still join in the challenge if you want.
 Just contact Rikka.


  1. I hadn't seen the hood-to-cowl one (second to last shown) yet. I love it! I want it! Thanks for the shout out. I think we have similar tastes in scarves....:)

  2. πω πω φοβερες φωτογραφιες, μου αρεσε πιο πολυ η προτελευταια, εχω μια λατρεια στους ''λαιμους'' και τις κουκουλες θα ηθελα πολυ να το αποκτησω :)

    καλησπερα one perfect day :)


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