Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Azulado Raffle and Prizes

Selection Of Azulado Raffle Prizes

Sandra -a member of the EuropeanStreetTeam- had the extreme misfortune of losing her husband over the holidays and is left to support her five year old son on her own.
Her etsy team ESTspirit has taken it upon itself to organize a raffle in support of her plight.
For a $5 ticket you will not only be in the running for over fifty prizes -only some of which are shown in the mosaic above- donated by talented and generous est team members but you will also be supporting a grieving family.
You can see the whole story, the details of the raffle and the prizes over at StarOfTheEast.

You can even see Maria's own heartrending account of her story on her blog Azulaterra.

And of course you can always visit Sanra's shop Azulado and buy one of her ceramic masterpieces.


If you are not familiar with Sanra's beautiful ceramic creations, then the  photos above will give you an idea of her wonderful work.

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  1. Oh my, what a horrible loss. A great idea for help!


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