Sunday, 31 March 2013

Vintage Hollywood Beauties - Ava Gardner

I've collected a whole bunch of stunning pictures of those flawless old Hollywood stars on my Girls Pinterest Board  and I just have to share them!
So I'll be posting one of them for you every now and then.

Here's a ravishing Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner 1922-1990

She felt that life was crappy and that a lot of people got mistreated for weird reasons, and she liked to see people like each other. She was a real good dame.
-Lena Horne (Ava: My Story)

More Ava Gardner :


  1. I clicked through some of your links and learned a lot about her! I had no idea she was a down South girl (though I honestly think of North Carolina as being northern, even though I know it isn't!).

  2. great post! I love Ava Gardner! Great actress, so beautiful woman!

  3. Indeed, she looks spectacular in photos and then when you see her move and talk, she's even better!


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