Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fabulous 50s Frocks Brooch

I just had to share these wonderful 50s fashion brooches made by Tasmanian artist Grace Gladdish for her trees4thewood etsy shop.

I'm such a big fan of all that she makes but these little brooches have for some time now caught my eye and stolen my heart...

Fabulous 50s fashion to wear on your lapel!
Each one is a little gem of sartorial splendor.

The great news is that some of these brooches are 25% off regular price right now.
You will find them in the shop's sale section but my guess is that you'll have to hurry to get one before they're gone....

Be sure to check out Grace's amazing original artwork (you'll be glad you did) and her wonderful handmade pencils and notebooks.

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