Monday 26 January 2015

Easy DIY Star Mobile Tutorial

 Here is a tutorial to show you how to make a star wall hanging for your home, as promised.
It's very easy and lots of fun so even if you're a beginner you will find it quite simple to make.

What you will need:
-clay stars
-a piece of driftwood (or anything that works for you, eg cut branch/stick/reed)

click image for tutorial link

The first step, which is the most time-consuming is the making of the stars.
All you need is the clay of your choice - I used air-drying clay as it is the most convenient for me- and a star shaped cookie cutter.
The tutorial on how to do that is HERE.

After following the above tutorial, you have your stars ready and you've finished with the hardest part of the project. 
Now all that's left is to put it all together.
Decide on the formation of your stars.
Lay them out on a flat surface and play around with them until you find the shape you want your hanging to have.

Below are some versions I tried out before I settled on a simple -asymetrical- line of stars.

Once you've decided on how you want your stars hanging on your mobile you can cut your ribbon accordingly. Measure the length that you wish each star to hang at and cut the ribbon. 
Alternatively, you can decide and cut as you go for a more whimsy-inspired result.

Tie one end of the ribbon to your star and the other end on your driftwood/wood.

Keep going until all your stars are tied onto the stick in a satisfactory manner.

This is what my star mobile looked like after adding the stars.

Next you need to attach the ribbon that hangs the mobile up.
Whether you want this to be a long or a short piece is totally up to you.
I began with a large piece of ribbon and attached it by tying it at both ends of my stick.

Later however (when the mobile was finished and hung up) I decided that I prefered a shorter ribbon holding it up so I went back and cut the ribbon much shorter, as you can see in the picture above. 
This meant tying it somewhere in the middle of the stick. It also meant that it took a few careful attempts before I found where the ribbon had to be tied for the whole composition to balance.

Once you've attached the ribbon that hangs the mobile, you're done!

Enjoy your new star mobile!

If you make a star mobile following this tutorial, I would love to see pictures and share them on my blog.

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  1. Aww, this is so sweet! I love the natural branch with the pretty ribbon, too.

  2. υπεροχο Τζια μου! απλο, λιτο και ομως καταπληκτικο!

  3. Πάρα πολύ όμορφο Τζια μου!!! Είχα φτιάξει και εγώ αστεράκια από πηλό με την κόρη μου αλλά ένα ένα χάνονται στην υπόλοιπη διακόσμηση. Εσύ με αυτό τον τρόπο τα ανέδειξες και έφτιαξες ένα υπέροχο διακοσμητικό!!! Φιλακια πολλά!!

  4. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing it at the Do Tell Tuesday party.


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