Monday, 16 February 2015

The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

The other day I bumped into a post over at  A Stitching Odyssey blog with a sewing challenge that got me all excited.
 The gist of it is that you join in and pledge to sew from vintage patterns in 2015.

Vogue 7675

There's all manner of options as to how you can take part in the challenge, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Options range from actually using your very first vintage pattern to promising to sew 5 items from vintage patterns.

Vogue 6515

If you head over to this post HERE you can find out the details and take the pledge.

Of course, I jumped right in and took my own pledge to make at least 5 things from vintage patterns over the next year.

McCall 8949

I wanted to take pictures of some of my favourite vintage patterns to include in this post but as my camera is still not working, I chose a few random ones from my etsy Vintage Patterns favourites collection that I hope you like. Click on any picture to go to the link.
I will, however, be making a post of my favourite vintage patterns from my own collection soon.


  1. ανυπομονω να δω τι θα κανεις τελικα! υπεροχα σχεδια!!!

  2. I love Vintage patterns and this sounds like a fun challenge. If only I weren't currently working on my yoga wear collection I'd try this :)

  3. Wonderful selections! These vintage beauties are very sew-worthy and wonderful additions to any wardrobe. :) I love the concept of a vintage sewing pledge!


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