Saturday, 30 May 2015

More Vintage Goodness

As my vintage fashion fetish continues unabated, my vintage sewing book mania keeps raging right along with my vintage pattern obsession.

Here are some long-awaited volumes from the Woman's Institute Of Domestic Arts And Sciences written in the 1920s by the reknown Mary Brooks Picken

Just look at the fabulous 1920s ladies and the amazing fashion which, while vintage for us, was the very latest contemporary design!

They are a treasure trove of knowledge as far as both sewing and vintage fashion are concerned and pure inspiration.
Just in time for the vintage sewing pattern pledge too!

So far, I've only skimmed through them briefly but I'm totally smitten.

And now for some time to delve into them....

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  1. these are amazing Gia and in excellent condition too! love the illustrations and the fashion style of the 20s is so inspiring :-)


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