Sunday, 12 July 2015

Bird Of Paradise

I've been making presents for friends and family lately and it's mostly been flower key-rings.

I love making them and they always seem to be warmly received which encourages me.
Plus I love seeing them on the recipient's keys when it's time for those keys to come out.....

This is the only one I managed to photograph before I gave it away.

It's a wild combination of the brightest, happiest colours that I could find, with some of my favourite golden stamens in the centre.
I usually add beads to the centre because I know they will last longer* but I just couldn't resist the stamens this time.

 The leaves are in one of my favourite shantung silk coppery-golds. It's positively luminous and never fails to put a smile on my face. Unfortunately, this was the last of it.....

I'm happy to say that, yes, it was warmly received.

 * these flower keyrings last in great condition for about a year and then start showing the wear....They can be washed and revived provided that their centres are beaded and they do not have metalic parts. I haven't as yet tried washing flowers with stamens.

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  1. What beautiful colors! And such a great gift idea.

  2. Great colour combo! Beautiful key-ring!

  3. απιστευτο! καταπληκτικο χρωμα :)

  4. So pretty! I usually see these as hair clips, but I like them as keychains, too!


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