Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stacey's Wedding

I'm happy to be sharing some beautiful wedding pictures that Stacey sent me the other day.

Stacey and Andy tied the knot in September on what can only be described as a glorious day, and in the utmost of style.

I'm honoured that she chose my white organza FairytaleFlower hair flowers for both herself and her beautiful daughter, Kira. 

You can see lots of amazing photos from their happy day on Stacey's photography blog.

All photos by Endless Photography.


  1. Τα γυαλιά ήταν φανταστική λεπτομέρεια!! Να ζήσουν τα παιδιά !!! Πολλά φιλιά!

  2. υπεροχος γαμος! και ιδιαιτερος και ρομαντικος!!!

  3. How fun! I love it when customers send pictures after the fact. It looks like it was a beautiful day. :-)


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