Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Moodboard - European Tour

Monday Mooodboard is a game played by the members of the European etsy Team every Monday.   The moodboard is a selection of items from the team that reflect your mood at that particular day.  It's lots of fun!
Anyone in the team can join in. Just link your very own moodboard to the host of the game: StarOfTheEast.


  1. Lovely! My husband are hoping to do a tour of Europe before we have kids. These are gorgeous inspiration.

  2. Indeed! We are in the same mood today :)
    Wouldn't it be great to visit all cities where we've team members?

  3. greece is on my wsihlist :-)

  4. you picked gorgeous photos for gorgeous places! beautiful <3

  5. Oh! Thasos is where I wished to spend my holiday for the last 3 years...before the financial crisis stroke, and my wage was cut in half.
    But, I'm getting there, sooner or latter!

  6. Great photography!
    thanks for playing :)


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