Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tickle Me Tuesdays! - A Fine Romance

This week I'm overcome with the beauty of things romantic :

1.This is a fairytale 1997 Vivienne Westwood creation.
Found via Abundance

2.A satin and lace dreamy fascinator by FloralWorld.

3. A tutorial on how to make these little beauties by Style Me Pretty blog.

5.This picture of the ultimate romantic destination by MaGalerie

+1.Because I couldn't help it.....This extravagant white swan feather corset dress by Glamtastic.

Yes, Teacher! is where you can see what is tickling people's fancy this Tuesday or join in with your own collection.


  1. Those butterfly boxes are fabulous! I know they're meant for rice at a wedding but they'd make great favor or small gift wrappings!!

    Very pretty!

  2. πρωτη, δευτερη και προτελευταια φωτογραφια ειναι ουαουυυυ !!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my the Vivienne Westwood dress, it's absolutely dreamy!! And so are the rest of your picks :-)

  4. Love that fascinator! And of course the eiffel tower :)

  5. *sighs with dreamy eyes* gorgeous finds, i love especially vivienne westwood amazing dress and canova's sculpture <3 <3 <3

  6. Oh so dreamy - such beautiful creative construction - inspiring !!


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