Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday - Below Zero

Well, not quite..... but barely so.
Temperatures have been in the -very- low single digits (Celsius) around here for some days now , so my TMT post is very much affected....

2. These beautiful snowy pictures from Norway by Sonya of Kanelstrad blog.

3.Pretty, starry letterpress type by KittyRogers.

4. I just had to include this wonderful photo of The King.

5. EyePoetryPhotography 2012 calendar. One magical photo after the other for 12 whole months!

For more Tuesday favorites, visit Yes, Teacher!


  1. oo, single digits! Our temp went down to 30 and we think we're suffering.

  2. The snowflake is just perfect! And wow! my photo :))) I really like the thick snow in Norway!

    The eye Poetry calendar must be pretty magical!


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