Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Naughty Notions Bag

Yes, once more I find myself uploading the pictures of my bag challenge entry at the last minute -and vowing I will not do this again next time....

The good news is that, while,, literally finished at the last minute, it is exactly what I had imagined.

The pictures weren't the best -at the setting of the sun, it was no wonder
...but I hope you get the idea....

Most of these labels, buttons and various notions have a sentimental value and have been lurking in dark places for a project such as this.
For example, the little white daisy with the hanging beads adorned my mother's wedding dress....

I'll get some better pictures tomorrow, but for now, here is the front and below is the back of my entry.

Here is were you can see the rest of the bags in the challenge.

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  1. Your bag is stunning!! I love all the notions you used - just delightful!

  2. Yes! Worth the wait!!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Love, love, love this bag!!! ... the denim, the pockets, the shape, but most of all the notions that evoke memories. How wonderful that you have part of your mother's wedding dress on this bag. Fantastic!!!

  4. Great job Gia! Your bag is gorgeous!

  5. It turned out beautifully! Great job! I love all the flower embellishments and labels! Well done :)

  6. Красива чанта, много ми харесва. Браво. Поздрави от България.

  7. I love your bag Gia!!! It is an honor to be amongst other lovely trinkets on your beautiful bag! :)

  8. Sew cute! I especially like the ruffled pocket.

  9. Lovely... I vote fot your bag!
    Greets Sofie, from Belgium

  10. That's very cool. I really like how the objects you attached have special meaning to you. TFS!


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