Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Supergirly Clutch Purse - Project 2 - Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition

Here is my second project for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition. (Here  is the first.)
It's a clutch in the supergirly pinks and reds of this trimmings pack.

I love the fabrics I had to work with. 
Pinks and reds together are my latest addiction and the touch of white is just perfect.

The abstract flower circle with the leaves is basically my circle brooch turned flower. It's an idea I've been working on this past week and I'm very pleased with it. 

I toyed with the idea of making it detachable, and I was very tempted, but I went for the sewed-on version in the end.

I have never made a lined clutch or pouch before and since they aren't the same as bags  I had a bit of trouble figuring it out....

I'm so thoroughly smitten with it that I think I'll keep this one for myself.

Now I have to go and finish project number three.

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  1. This is fantastic! I like it that you went for the sewed-on version, it rocks!

  2. That purse is amazing!!! love the colors!

  3. Fantastic color combinations...loved all these.
    Richard Smith from Pearl Evening Bags .

  4. Oh my gosh, this clutch is DARLING!!!


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