Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pastel Pink Organza Flower with Metalic Pink Leaves

This is my newest organza flower hair clip / brooch.

I love working with pastel pink organza and this time I mixed it up with all sorts of other lovely organzas as well as tulle -the garden variety white tulle as well as tulle with lace .

I think you can see all the diferent layers in the close-up below.

However, my latest addiction is the pink metalic leaves.
I came across this fabric a while ago and it's been sitting around patiently waiting for its turn to be picked up.

Now I can't wait to make all sorts of flowers with these shiny pastel leaves.

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  1. Beautiful! This piece looks really ethereal.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous,so delicate, like it was made by the faeries! x

  3. So romantic! I have yet to put a bow in my little girl's hair, but I just might put an organza one. I love the little touch of dark thread. Yummy.

    BTW - Thanks for participating in Eat Make Grow. Blog hop #3 is now up:

  4. It is gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the And Sew We Craft together linky party!

    We also shared your circle brooch tutorial yesterday:

    Amy x


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