Thursday, 5 November 2015

Easy DIY for Kids - Castanets

We had so much fun making our very own castanets the other day.
We got our inspiration here but I've seen other versions on pinterest since.

 They're super easy to make and lots of fun to play with.
All you need for each castanet is a strip of fairly sturdy cardboard and two bottle caps. 
Recycling diy at its best!

It's really easy to replicate from the pictures but I'm including instructions -because some days you'd just rather follow instructions!

1. Cut a strip of cardboard to your required measurements (ours is just over 13cm by 4cm or just over 5 inches by 1.5 inches)
2. Fold the cardboard strip in half. 
If desired, you can decorate the cardboard: draw on it, paint it or do whatever you latest craft-crush dictates.
(Alternatively, you can leave this step for after the castanets have been completed.)
3. Now you want to glue the bottle caps onto the cardboard.
If your little crafters are very little, make sure they are gluing them on the inside of the folded cardboard piece. 
Put glue on the jagged edge of one bottle cap and place it on the edge of one end of the cardboard strip. If your cardboard is the thick kind you can press the bottle cap into the cardboard for a better grip.
Let it dry.
4. Glue the second bottle cap on the other end of the cardboard strip, in the same manner. Make sure that it is aligned with the first bottle cap. You want them to click together when you're done, so they have to be positioned to correspond.
Let the glue dry.
If you've left the decorating-your-castanets part for last, now is the time to go wild and have fun with it.

That's it!
They are finished and ready to play with!
Definately a minimum effort, maximum fun kids craft.

If you are looking for more fun craft inspiration, you can find lots on my Kids Crafts pinterest board.


  1. gorgeous idea!!!! my kids will love it...but I am not sure if I do! hahahahaha

  2. These are fun and cute! What a great idea :)

  3. Really it's working so good..

  4. love the idea! that should work fine with plastic bottle tops as well I guess,... perfect project for this week. thanks.


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