Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's Day Best 8

  Every Valentine's Day, the egst team on etsy celebrates another birthday. This year it turns eight, so to honour the occassion, here are 8 of my favourite etsy shop related items in one photo: one of my favourite flowers and the items that are needed to make and send it.

So, in the photo you can see:
- my favourite Valentine's Day red flower hair clips
- the red fabric needed to make the flower petals
- pins (to hold together everything that needs holding together)
- a tea-light (which is necessary to singe the fabric)
- matches (to light the tea-light)
- the gold stamen I add to the centre of the flowers
- an array of backings for the flower to choose from (there's a comb, a plain pin or brooch back,a dual pin-and-alligator clip back and an extra large alligator clip)
- a pretty box to pack it in and send it on its way

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