Saturday, 3 June 2017

Red Flower Accessories

I recently made these large red rose flowers and attached them to this very soft but sturdy black cotton ribbon. The durable, heavy-weight ribbon means that they can be tied and un-tied repeatedly without showing wear.

The flowers themselves measure about 10cm across but are very light-weight and easy to wear in a multitude of ways.

I can easily see them used in the more usual ways: tied around the waist as a sash or belt, tied around the head as a headband or tie-back, the wrist as a floral wrist corsage or even around an ankle for a more bohemian, free spirited look.

Another way of using these is tied around the handles of a bag like a bag charm or accessory. I do it all the time as it's an easy -and inexpensive- way to change a bag's look and brighten your mood in the process.

Another way I've seen them used is as a floral touch in home decor, wrapped around a vase or favourite object in the house. A flower accessory for the home.
I know I'd love to see these as nursery decor for a little girl! 
Perhaps tied around a bed post or chair.

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