Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday Shopping

This Saturday I'm showing off two pale gold shantung silk cuff/armbands from the shop.

I call them The Golden Siren Cuffs as much for the enchanting texture and hue of the silk as for the enchanted creature wearing them in the picture.

They are quite versatile as the can be worn on wrist or arm -as high or low as you like.


One is with ruffle edges and has a lace-up closure.


The other one is a straight sheath-like cuff with a wider opening for the ribbon that laces it closed to show more.

You can turn it around to suit your mood, so that it shows more laced-up ribbon or more gently shimmering gold silk.

And by changing the ribbon you change the look entirely. You can add  matching, contrasting or complementary ribbon and you've got a new accessory every time.

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  1. Love these, and brilliant photos!! I think I need one right now!! Have a great day/ Eva

  2. The pictures show us so very well and nice all the possibilities how your lovely cuff can be worn! Beautiful!!

  3. the are awesome and soooo chique !

  4. How elegant! I like the ones with the ruffled edge.

  5. So pretty and versatile! Beautiful post!!

  6. Beautiful!! The cuffs AND the creature wearing them, hahaa!!!

  7. Beautiful! Love the variety of ways to wear them! ;)


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