Tuesday 26 December 2017

Saturday 23 December 2017

Long Textile Necklace in Burgundy

I've been enjoying making some textile necklaces recently. They're all little pouches (or pockets) where you can stash a favourite item or lucky charm, a poem or love letter...whatever you want to keep close to your heart all day long.
You could even keep some emergency cash in there maybe...

This one is all burgundy - my latest colour crush. 
I find it such a great colour for winter.

This one has already found its way into my MagicalFairytale shop.

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Sunday 17 December 2017

Winter Spice Flower Hair Clips

I made these hair flowers for a friend's little girls recently. I added petals in magenta and caramel and chocolate brown to make a vibrant, warm winter mix.

 I liked them so much that I made a few for my MagicalFairytale etsy shop.

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Monday 11 December 2017

Red Flower Bangle

My newest floral bangle/bracelet with a large flower in the deep burgundy red satin fabric that I have come to love.

 This red hue is so rich and deep that the colour surprises me with it's intensity every time.

I sewed what seemed to me to be innumerable black lustrous glass beads in the middle of the flower to make a big black centre with a delicate shine.

It can be worn low on the wrist or higher up on the arm as a cuff.

If worn low on the wrist, it can fit the wrist exactly, so that it gently hugs the wrist and stays where you choose (but doesn't restrict the wrist or the circulation of blood) or in a larger size, as a bangle that moves around freely).

Just in time for Christmas!

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