Monday 16 December 2013

Giveaway Day Winners

Time for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day giveaway winners.

First of all, I'd like to thank Sew Mama Sew for organizing such a wonderful event twice a year.
It really is a treat, not only to have all this wonderful crafter's delight available to you in hundreds of giveaways across the globe, but also to have the opportunity to find some great blogs to look through and follow.
I know for a fact that many friendships have been forged because of Giveaway Day.

Giveaway Day December 2013 - Fabric Laces And Trims

Having said that, I'd like to thank all of you for participating in this year's Giveaway Day here at One PerfectDay.
Your response was amazing and it was such a joy to read through each and every comment, even though it was impossible to answer due to the sheer amount of incoming comments a day.

Givaway Day December 2013 - Mini Fabric Boxes

Please come back next month when I'll be having my annual New Year Giveaway which is always the biggest giveaway of the year.

So, without any further ado, the winter 2013 Giveaway Day winners are:

1.Vintage Laces And Trims
Comment No.98 - Katie

2.Fabric Box Giveaway
Comment No.12 - Birgit

I have contacted both winners. If I do not hear from them within 48 hours I will re-draw a winner randomly.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Golden Wood Nymph Hair Wreath

Lately I've been making hair wreaths.
 This is something very new and exciting for me as, even though they've been on my to-make list forever, I'd never attempted them before.

These hair wreaths are an all glitzy-and-glamorous gold admixture of leaves and pine cones which conjures up images of festivities and revels to me.

The pictures are admitedly not the best but I'm hoping that when I shoot them on a model they will reveal all their grecian godess potential.
(Anyone out there who would like to model this for me?)

But for now this is all you get and I'm hoping you can see them through my eyes....

If you look closely at the photos you can see that there's a hint of shabby-chic about the leaves -that I particularly like.  

Each wreath is unique and distinct. 
No two are identical.

I've posted one in Fairytale Flower already.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Giveaway Day! Vintage Laces And Trims


Here's the second giveaway I promised for Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day -which I'm sure you all know by now is actualy a whole week and not one day at all.
(You can find my other giveaway HERE.)

So between 9-13 December you can browse through literaly hundreds of giveaways at Sew, Mama, Sew! and win all sorts of goodies as well as discover new and wonderful blogs.

Now, if you were looking for some vintage sewing supplies and had a soft spot for laces and trims, look no further....

The package you will receive contains the following vintage -but unused- items:

-2.49 metres or just over 2.70 yards of extra large lace trim on white satin with triangular and floral motif (by 18cm or 7 inches)
-2.49 metres or just over 2.70 yards of extra large lace trim on white satin with leaf motif (by 20cm or 7.8 inches)
-27 cm or 10.5 inch by extra wide white lace (by 13cm or 5.10 inches)
-95 cm or 1 yard of large white cotton lace trim (by 2.7cm or 1 inch)
-83 cm or 32.5 inches of off white lace trim (by 1.5cm or 0.6 inches)
-two pieces of delicate white cotton lace trim:
one piece measures 1.47metres or 1.60 yards 
the other piece measures 1.07 metres or 1.17 yards. 

To be in the running all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me what you love to sew or what you are working on right now or even what the next project you dream of tackling is.
It's as easy as that!

If, however, you would like an extra entry or two, continue reading past the picture....

Any or all of the following will give you an extra entry :
(Just be sure to leave a seperate comment for each one you do, as the comments themselves are your entries.)

2. Like OnePerfectDay shop on etsy

4. Like Fairytale Flower on etsy

Good luck!

Monday 9 December 2013

Giveaway Day! Mini Fabric Storage Boxes


Yes, it's finally Giveaway Day at Sew, Mama,Sew! and it's time for some December giveaways here at OnePerfectDay as well.

First up is this set of 2 fabric boxes:

 These little boxes are very versatile and can be very helpful around the house for storing all sorts of things from cosmetics, to toys, to sewing or desk supplies, even certain food and produce.
We have a version of these little boxes in every room of the house. 

They are made from natural cotton canvas on the outside, both unprinted and printed with a heart motif.
The inside is lined with a delicately striped red and white cotton.

To be in the draw for these little fabric buckets, just leave a comment below until December 13 letting me know what you would use these for in your house.

Would you like an extra entry?
You can do any or all of the below and each will count as a seperate entry. 
Just make sure you leave a seperate comment so that each extra entry counts.

1. Follow OnePerfectDay blog 
2. Like OnePerfectDay shop on etsy
3. Heart any item in the shop above
4. Like Fairytale Flower on etsy

5. Heart any item in the shop above

I will be posting another giveaway later today -or tomorrow at the latest. 
Come on back and have a look!

For the new giveaway click HERE

Thursday 5 December 2013

Paper To Petal Flower Inspiration

Lately my imagination has been captivated by images from this book, Paper To Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell. 
Have you seen it?

I've never made a paper flower even though I admire them tremendously -enough to put them on my (never-ending) to-do list.
This book makes me want to go and start right now.

I've already put it on my Christmas wish list.....

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Tilly's Stitcher's Dream Giveaway

 Tilly And The Buttons Stitcher's Dream Giveaway
Tilly And The Buttons Stitcher's Dream Giveaway

Yes, I have been MIA lately with updates being few and far between - even though I have so many lovely things to share....
 I will be back soon with all sorts of updates.
In the meantime, there's a great giveaway over at Tilly And The Buttons that any sewer/crafter would hate to miss.

And next week is Giveaway Day at Sew, Mama, Sew. This will be the third year I'll be taking part in it and I'm planning a couple of giveaways, so be sure to check back for that on Monday.

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