Sunday 13 October 2013

New Total Black Ruffle Cuff

New ruffle cuff in total black.

Quite dramatic on impact but very easy to wear.

You can just as easily wear it with jeans as you can with an elaborate costume or outfit.

It looks good peeking out of a jacket too.....

 Next time I'll add some lace, like this one or this one.
Or another layer.
I love the tiered ones as much as I love the more simple ones.

Or another layer.
I love the tiered ones as much as I love the more simple ones.

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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Blue Denim

OK, this is not a new bag.
It was made for this challenge a while back.
But it's a new picture and I really wanted to show it off......

I kept this one for myself and I wear it a lot when I don't need the giant oversized bag that fits everything.
It's quite practical.
Maybe next time I'll add a zip to close it instead of a magnetic snap.
Then again, maybe I won't.

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Sunday 6 October 2013

Maxfield Parrish Clouds and More

There was something about the clouds yesterday afternoon, reminiscent of those magnificent, luminous Maxfield Parrish clouds.
So I had to find some Maxfield Parrish art to share with you.

Morning - Maxfield Parrish 1922

Ecstasy - Maxfield Parrish 1929

Aquamarine - Maxfield Parrish 1917

The Dinky Bird - Maxfield Parrish 1904

Stars - Maxfield Parrish 1926

If you want to read about Maxfield Parrish, you can find his biography here.

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Friday 4 October 2013

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