Saturday 20 May 2017

Magical Fairytale - Mini Red Flowers

Petite red rose flower brooches. 
In my -as yet unannounced- new etsy shop Magical Fairytale .

I wanted a shop that would exclusively cater to the magic of childhood and capture that feeling of awe and wonder at all things fairytale. A shop with all sorts of 'props' that would furnish the world of an imagination bent on merging the fairydust of magical tales with life as we know it.
Thus Magical Fairytale was born.

I have big plans for this little shop that is at this point, basically, still under construction and -as all etsy shops are-always a labour of love.

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Sunday 14 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Australian artist Edith Rewa's botanical print with native flowers

 A beautiful bouquet of the loveliest flowers I could find, for all mothers today.

And a little treat for your eyes and ears with the artist of the print above, working her magic, accompanied by the sweetest of music:

Sweet Pink Flower Bobby Pin

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Bridal Flower Headpiece

This is a custom order, oversized flower headpiece I did just last week for a bride who loves her flowers - and is no shrinking violet! You need to have confidence to wear a floral crown of this magnitude. And just look at the size of these flowers! They are enornmous!

I adore oversized flower headdresses! The bigger the better, I say. They remind me of flower fairies and other romanticized creatures that populate fairytales and legends.

 There are 8 flowers in total attached to the ribbon but they are of varying sizes. The organza I used was selected in a white and ivory mix and there's some silver thrown in there as well, in the centres of most flowers.

 I thoroughly enjoyed making this flower wreath and I hope that she loves wearing it on her wedding day.

Saturday 6 May 2017

Fairytale Flower Keyring with Burgundy Leaves

This caramel and lilac keyring/bagcharm is the one I currently have my keys on. It's the one I kept for myself from this batch and I just can't get enough of this specific colour combination. It really makes my day!

It's pretty big, I can tell you! It measures almost 12 cm and yet it weighs next to nothing!
That's because the petals themselves are extremely light, the fabric of the leaves is also light and there is no heavy centre to weigh it down. When I add beads to the centre -which I adore!- there is a bit of extra weight added to the keyring. Not that it's ever a real problem, as the weight is still negligable, but, the heavier the beading, the more weight added overall.

There were 2 other similar keyrings, one with red linen leaves and one with pink satin leaves and they have already found their new homes long since.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

More Red Poppies

Another take on my spring poppies is this simplified and more dramatic version. I've kept the same bright red leaves - 4 in total, just like a real field poppy- and used thick black felt for both the capsule and the stamens in the centre.

I made a larger and the smaller size of this poppy flower and you can see the difference in size in these pictures. The larger flower measures about 8 cm or 3 inches across while the smaller one measures about 7 cm or just over 2 inches across.

The capsules on the centre are a square piece of black felt with a ball of cotton wool inside them that gives them their shape and then helps them keep it.

I also turned some of these into brooches and had some great feedback on them from friends that received them as gifts....

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