Sunday 9 February 2014

Keyring Flower Charm

This is a gift I made for a friend who doesn't wear flower accessories. 
Not as brooches, or hair clips, or rings or earrings.

So she got a key ring -or bag charm if you prefer- with a flower she admired in a sweet, muted lilac.

You tie it around your key ring or your bag handle.

I use a version of this on my car key and home key sets and never have to waste time any more fishing into my bag for either set of keys.

It used to be a particular pet peeve of mine to have to manically search for those elusive keys.
Now I use the tell-tale leaves or flower to quickly fish it out of a pocket.

I've been making and using these for at least a couple of years and I'd vouch for their effectiveness.
Plus I get to carry a couple of my flowers around all day.....

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