Sunday 31 January 2016

Magenta And Burgundy Flowers

These are some new fabric flowers I've been working on lately.
They're really a version of this flower but much smaller in scale and I've been trying to make them closed tighter, more like a bud than a fully open flower.

The fabric is new and I adore it! Not only is it in two shades of purple, magenta and burgundy, but it also singes like a dream and makes wonderful petals which in turn can make all sorts of wonderful flowers.

I made these into men's boutonnieres but I'm sure they will also make the cutest floral bobby pins.

And a brooch for the lapel of my winter coat....

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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Pink And Coral

Pink and coral organza flower hair combs with a sparkly rhinestone centre. The flowers measure almost 6cm across (making both flower and comb measure about 7.5 cm) and the comb is 3.5 cm wide.

They're very easy to wear on long or short hair and they can be used to style your hair or simply adorn it. 

Have you ever worn a hair comb before?
I found some great hair styling tips with hair combs that you may enjoy. Just have a look here, here and here.

Monday 25 January 2016

The Vintage Pattern Pledge 2016

I'm so happy that Marie and Kerry decided to keep the vintage pattern pledge going for 2016!
If you haven't seen/followed it before, the idea is that you join in and take a -public- pledge that will commit you to start sewing or sew more with vintage patterns - or even reproductions of vintage patterns.
This is exactly the kind of motivation and inspiration that I need to stop merely planning to make some of my beloved vintage sewing patterns and actually do it.
Last year was my first time following and I managed to make one of my vintage bag patterns and this 1970s turban.
This year I'm determined to sew through all of these vintage bag patterns , to make a hat and a pair of gloves from some great patterns I will be sharing with you soon and also to make some items from my Women's Institute Of Domestic Arts And  Sciences books.

For all the details head on over to #VintagePledge 2016.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Red Poppy Bangle

This is my very latest: a red poppy flower bangle.
Twin, petite, fabric poppy flowers with lustrous black glass bead centres on a heavy duty elastic cord.

I made this bangle specificaly for me. And I LOVE it!
I've been wearing it since it was finished yesterday morning and I've already got a couple of orders for it!

It's really easy to wear. You just slip it on.
I like it to rest fairly low on my hand but since the elastic cord is so rigid and sturdy, there is no fear of it falling off.

I'm planning on making one in black with an extra sparkly centre and one in lilac with the same black beads as the red one, also for me.
I have a feeling that they will be easy to wear in both winter and summer.

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Thursday 14 January 2016

Lots of Yellow

I was re-listing and generaly shuffling things around today at my Fairytale Flower etsy shop and this was how the first page turned out.
So many golden yellows! 
I just had to screensave it and share.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Rose Organza Flower Keyring

This was my handmade Christmas gift in this year's Secret Santa exchange organized by Zina.

A delicately rose organza and tulle flower keyring.

With a glossy  black bead centre and charcoal grey satin leaves.

(These flower keyrings are much hardier than they look and they last in pretty good condition for about a year.
You can wash them and iron them too if you like, to keep them looking fresh.)

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Secret Santa

This year, my secret Santa sent me a handmade mirror to hang on the wall. 
As you can see, it's fun and colourful, with a bit of jungle energy.

I find the heart detail superimposed on the jungle print adorable and the gold touches add a certain playfulness to an otherwise classic print.

 I also got lots of wonderful, warm wishes for Christmas and the new year....

 in a beautiful, off-white, embossed card.

Thank you, Thalia, for the obvious care and effort put into the present and thank you, Zina, for organizing the 2015 Secret Santa.

You can see the Secret Santa gift that I made and sent here.

Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a happy new year! 
May it bring each one of you what you love best!
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