Saturday 20 September 2014

Fall Orange

These are my latest flowers, in that glorious burnt orange of fall leaves that I think of as a 'Halloween orange'.

I couldn't resist the gold bead centre.
It just felt right.

 And I'll admit I just love these beads.
They're big and chunky and so wonderfully gold!

Easy-to-wear fall orange accessories.

Sunday 14 September 2014

Salads To Go


Doesn't this look good? 

I haven't seen it yet myself but the promise of 50 'lunch salads, smoothies, make-ahead breakfasts, heat-and-serve dinners and easy picnic appetizers' in a jar sounds pretty tempting to me....

Friday 12 September 2014

Jeans In Vogue

Paris Vogue

Continuously reinvented, re-styled and rejuvinated season after season, jeans remain a faithful wardrobe essential.

The secret may just be in that special blue that never gets old and somehow always manages to echo lazy summer days.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Fabulous 50s Frocks Brooch

I just had to share these wonderful 50s fashion brooches made by Tasmanian artist Grace Gladdish for her trees4thewood etsy shop.

I'm such a big fan of all that she makes but these little brooches have for some time now caught my eye and stolen my heart...

Fabulous 50s fashion to wear on your lapel!
Each one is a little gem of sartorial splendor.

The great news is that some of these brooches are 25% off regular price right now.
You will find them in the shop's sale section but my guess is that you'll have to hurry to get one before they're gone....

Be sure to check out Grace's amazing original artwork (you'll be glad you did) and her wonderful handmade pencils and notebooks.

Monday 8 September 2014

Bridal Boho Corsage

This boho bridal flower wrist corsage is a collection of all sorts of white hues and textures.

The flower itself has oyster white organza petals and layers of bridal white tulle. The centre is hand-beaded with sparkling white sequins and transluscent silver glass beads.

Peeking out from under the flower there's handmade fabric leaves, a snippet of amazing vintage lace, delicately shimmering dupioni silk ribbon and the almost ethereal white organza ribbon that ties it around your wrist.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Chrysanthemum Inspiration

 FairytaleFlower Chrysanthemum Flower Hair Pins

My latest flowers are inspired by the lovely chrysanthemum. Their petals coil and curl in the most unruly way to create a seething harmony.
They weigh next to nothing but have magor visual impact and are an absolute favourite of mine. 

 FairytaleFlower Chrysanthemum Flower Hair Pins set of 3

Each seperate flower is attached to a hair clip, the idea being that they can be worn on their own or bunched together to make a more striking headpiece.

The stylistic freedom they offer is immense as they come in various sizes and you can position them wherever and however you want to so that they take the shape you wish.

They were also a big hit with a couple of my Fairytale Flower brides who trusted my suggestion and ended up wearing these on their big day.
They loved them!

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