Sunday 30 June 2013

White Wedding

These are my latest bridal hair accessories, in total white.

Fairytale Flower - XL Bridal Flower

 This one is an extra large extravaganza of organza, tulle, feathers and rhinestones.

Bridal Flower Headpiece - Fairytale Flower

You can clip it straight onto the hair or you can attach it to a ribbon, which is what I've done in these pictures.
 I like the added romance of the organza ribbon trailing down the back back. 
Especially when the hair is swept up or short.

Oversized Bridal Hair Flower - Fairytale Flower

The one below is actualy the exact same flower and arrangement but in a considerably smaller scale.

Bridal Hair Accessory - Fairytale Flower

I'm enamoured with these feathers and how white they are.

Bridal White Wedding Flower - Fairytale Flower

You can see the organza ribbon in this picture. It's tied around the hair in a pretty bow and it's quite long so that it can trail behind.

White Organza Bridal Hair Flower - Fairytale Flower

You could actualy wear either of these flowers on a sash.

Bridal Headpiece - Fairytale Flower

I have a thing for all things bridal, whether over the top or subtle and subdued. 

What do you think?
Do you prefer a bride with accessories that make a statement or something more demure?

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Saturday 29 June 2013

Topping It Off!

Here are some very hasty photos of some much-loved champagne organza flowers.

While I do enjoy making every one of my flowers, bridal flowers have that extra bit of magic to them, don't they?

These are for the lovely Emmeline, who decided to arrange them as her cake topper on her special day.

Wishing you the most fabulous of wedding days, Emmeline!

Next time I'll take better pictures that do them justice.....

Tuesday 18 June 2013

New Fuchsia Pink And Red Organza Flower Rings

Here are my latest  organza flower rings in bright and happy combination of fuchsia and red -with a little black thrown in....

They're attached to an adjustable base, so they can be worn pretty much by anybody.

The black centres are natural onyx stones, carefully and patiently sewn onto the flower.

I love the sculptural embellishment they add and the contrast of the shiny black rocks with the delicate, semi-transparent organza.

I made some red ones too. They remind me of poppies.

Hopefully I'll get some modelled shots soon. They look so much better worn.

If you want to see other Fairytale Flower organza rings, click here (for black) and here for blue.

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Saturday 15 June 2013

Vintage Obsession and Turquiose Turbans

I don't know if my latest vintage fashion -and pattern- obsession has been evident in this blog, but I suspect that there may have been signs....

 Yes, I have become totally fascinated with vintage fashion and vintage patterns.
I mean, just look at this beauty! 

This is one of my latest favourite possesions and it's in wonderful, mint condition.
Simplicity 5227. 1960s women's accessories: turban, collar, cuff, scarf and dickey.

I'm now in the not-too-pleasant process of learning that vintage patterns are sized differently than modern ones are, but it will take more than that to dampen my new-found vintage enthusiasm.

This particular pattern is from one of the wonderful vintage pattern etsy shops I've discovered lately, California Sunset.

 Cindi is great and she has over 300 vintage gems to choose from.
Even if you're not looking for a pattern to buy, looking through all that past fashion is both educational and fascinating.
(Well, it is, in my humble opinion...)

So, I'm off to try my hand at this.
I'll keep you posted on this and other vintage-related endeavours.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Flower Motif Sea Rocks

There's something about sea rocks.

There's something most comforting about feeling their smoothness, their weight and the heat they give off from being under the beating sun in the palm of your hand.

There's also something to be said about carrying a marker around with you.....

These are quite large stones, not pebbles. The one that looks like a heart is about 9cm, or just below 4 inches, at its widest part.

The floral motif is a recurring one for me. One that I never tire of.

Easy to make and lots of fun, drawing rocks is one of the perks of a rocky beach.

If you would like one of these rocks for your very own -they're great paperweights!-  just leave me a comment below saying so. 
If there's more than one people interested, I'll make a mini draw.

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Sunday 9 June 2013

Koulouria aka Sesame Bread Rings

It's been a while since I posted a recipe, hasn't it?
Well, it's a good thing I came across this today, then:
Souvlaki For The Soul blog

These are from  Souvlaki For The Soul blog, which is one of my absolute favourite food blogs.

Sesame Bread Rings - Souvlaki For The Soul

SFTS is run by Peter  who prepares the most inspired food and then goes and takes the most amazing pictures of it!
 Quite often the fare on the table is greek-recipes-made-Down-Under, which only makes it that much more interesting for me.

Koulouria aka Sesame Bread Rings

Maybe you remember the Galatopita recipe I shared a long while ago. 
I've made this many times -to general acclaim- so I can vouch for it.

Click on any picture to go to the recipe -and even more fabulous photos.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Black Bronze and Pewter Organza Flower Rings

These are my latest organza flower accessories: adjustable flower rings in moody black.

They all have beaded centres, in different colours. 
One has large, plain black beads, another has large, bronze, faceted, shimmering beads and the other has pewter seed beads with a more subtle glimmer.

 It's quite difficult to capture them in photos. 

Black organza in not photogenic -at least not in my shots. 
(Though much more so than red organza which I find impossible to photograph.)

They will look so much more themselves when photographed on a model. 
You can see how they look worn, here.

You can see the adjustable ring base clearly here.
The flowers are sewn securely to the perforated base.

They should be added to FairytaleFlower soon.

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Friday 7 June 2013

I Spy.......Bottega Veneta Spring 2013

Even though, at first glance it is a tad dark and sombre and far from the  efferverscence of springtime, look closely and you will see a riot of flowers and florals and a collection that is essentially an ode to spring -and femininity.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2013 RTW 

Bottega Vaneta RTW Spring 2013

Bottega Veneta Spring 2013 RTW

 Ultra feminine and chic, this collection glances back at the past but is thoroughly modern in both cut and execution.

Did you notice the abscence of trousers in the selection?
Nope, there isn't a single pair of pants in the entire collection.

All images via

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