Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I am woman....

                          ...hear me roar...

      1. EmilyBalivet                                2.vincenzorizzo                                                  3.JKLDesign

Today happens to be National Woman's Day.

           1PeggyWolfDesign                               2.HilariaGalleries                         3.DigitalPerfection

A day when the world celebrates women. 

As do these wonderful prints from talented etsy sellers.


  1. These are so beautiful! I love the kind of '60s look of JKL Design's image. Women can be beautiful, strong, and artistic, as you definitely prove here!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too! ;)

  2. These are all gorgeous! I especially like the second one with the "I love you."

    And yay for National Women's Day!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog too. :)

  3. so beautiful images! I love JKL Design's one! Pure modernism! Thank you!

  4. Stunning artwork by truly amazing artists, great selection Gia!!!

  5. Thank you so much Gia!! Love the theme and happy to be included!

    Hope your having a wondeful weekend xo


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