Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tickle Me Tuesdays

Tickle Me Tuesdays is a new kind of post for me, but it feels like I'm already becoming a fan.
I came across it by chance over at Yes, Teacher! only last week (via MyLifeUnderTheBus blog).

The idea is to put together up to 5 of the things that have captured your fancy lately in one post.

These are my latest obsessions:

This picture is one of my absolute all-time favourite pictures. I can't get enough of it.

This blog is written by Ophelia K  who seems to be sewing my dream wardrobe.
I love this pretty pink dress. 

I've fallen in love with the bag in this photo.


4.WeirdTales Bracelet
Flowers and rhinestones and colour! What else could a girl ask for?

Another new romance for me. I'd wear anything in this collection.

 To check out other Tickle Me Tuesday collections or to join in yourself, just hop over to  Yes,Teacher!


  1. Beautiful! These are my faves too :

  2. I am drooling over all of your finds!! Those lanterns are like eye candy and I'd love to wear that dress! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Stunning finds! I love the lanterns!

  4. Oh *HI* from The Bus : D !!! *Waves to oneperfectday* Yeah!!! I LOVE these picks esp those lanterns - they are all great : ) - Thanks for the shout out.

  5. lovely finds! that dress is so pretty :) and so is the handbag!

  6. beautiful finds!
    can i have that bag?

  7. Great items to be tickled about! I love the pink dress!

  8. Wonderful finds!!!!! I love the picture from MagicLanterns-Irene Suchocki

  9. beautiful! Found you on the etsy blog team page :)


  10. I am loving the WeirdTales Bracelet! Why do I get the fine feeling you saw that Betsyandbess bag at my blog? ;)))

  11. Lovely lovely lovely!!!

  12. Yes, Kanelstrand! I did see that bag in your blog! But though I kept note of what it was, I didn't note down where I saw it.
    Then I couldn't remember where I saw it....
    So sorry...
    I'll just have to be more careful to include all the information next time....

  13. Nothing to sorry about! I am so happy that my blog was a medium between two artists! And I really got excited when I realizsed I was the connection!

  14. I feel tickled right now!
    Great findings, thank you for sharing!


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