Thursday, 19 May 2011

Summer Of No Pants! Plus Give-Away!

This is a post that should've been up many days ago but my  temperamental connection had other plans....


Over at Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! the lovely Marigold is having a Summer Of No Pants skirt and dressmaking challenge. From May 23 to June 27 you get to join other like-minded dress/skirt fans and sew up a storm!

Nervous Wardrobe

There are also many guest bloggers with tutorials and lovely inspirational posts that will hopefully have you running to your wardrobe for that neglected frock.


I'm a great fan of skirts and even more so of dresses. So, my contribution to the Summer Of No Pants 2011 is  a Date Night Dresses round-up with 10 of the loveliest dresses I could find  that will hopefully inspire you to join the fun this summer.


As if  all this loveliness wasn't reward enough, the ever generous Marigold also  has a long line-up of prizes you can win.

One of these prizes is this OnePerfectDay cuff:

For a chance to win it go here and enter the Champagne Ruffle Cuff Give-Away.

Don't miss out!


  1. Wow those are beautiful dresses! Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Date night dresses - love the thought : )

  3. Thank you for including my skirt!
    I love your creations!

  4. Love it all, so inspiring! Thank you for including TutusChic :)

  5. So lovely! I have just discovered your sweet blog and now follow! I hope you will stop by and say hi, and if you enjoy - follow me too :)

    Have a fab weekend!

    Sar xx


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