Sunday, 15 September 2013

Little Brown Polka Dot Bag

This little bag, in an essentially fall mix of colours, was made after a friend's request for a small brown bag that could take her most places.

The light cotton fabric is one of my favourites. I love how tiny the little polka dots are.

The shape is one of my all-time favourite shapes too and I used this a lot a few years ago to make silk evening purses with ruffles on top!

The flowers were added on a whim for some extra interest as well as a more girly note.
 One by one the bright caramel, orange and yellow of the flowers and leaves all came together and I just loved the result! 
Happily, so did my friend.

This bag was so much fun to make that I promised it wouldn't take me so long till the next one.

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  1. so beautiful creations, once more!

  2. Cute little bag. Love the flower details!

  3. very beautiful bag.Fantastic color and the flowers are adorable ,i liked it a lot.


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