Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Gee, I love this photo!
It's taken by Suzie of First Blush Photography and just like all of her amazing photos, its clarity and light enthralls me.
The pretty little Miss in the picture is no less of an attraction....
And I'm very happy to say that the pretty Alora is wearing a Fairytale Flower ribbon headband that looks enchanting on her!

It's a flower headband that has three of these oh-so-delicate grey organza flowers, sewn onto a long organza ribbon which though ethereal and whispy-looking, is quite wide and very sturdy when tied onto the little one's head.

The same little flowers make easy-to-wear-anywhere bobby pins too.

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  1. υπεροχη η φωτογραφια!!!! και οι δημιουργιες σου Τζια μου, καταπληκτικες!

  2. Thank you Zina!
    Isn't she beautiful?!


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