Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chrysanthemum Inspiration

 FairytaleFlower Chrysanthemum Flower Hair Pins

My latest flowers are inspired by the lovely chrysanthemum. Their petals coil and curl in the most unruly way to create a seething harmony.
They weigh next to nothing but have magor visual impact and are an absolute favourite of mine. 

 FairytaleFlower Chrysanthemum Flower Hair Pins set of 3

Each seperate flower is attached to a hair clip, the idea being that they can be worn on their own or bunched together to make a more striking headpiece.

The stylistic freedom they offer is immense as they come in various sizes and you can position them wherever and however you want to so that they take the shape you wish.

They were also a big hit with a couple of my Fairytale Flower brides who trusted my suggestion and ended up wearing these on their big day.
They loved them!


  1. Μοιάζουν σαν αληθινά!!!! Πανέμορφα!

  2. Stunning! You are sooo talented!
    Ana Love Craft


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