Friday, 14 November 2014

Fairytale Flower Review

The lovely Duni of Duni's Studio was kind enough to do a review on a couple of my Fairytale Flower items the other day.

You can read all about what she had to say HERE.
I just love the pictures she took.
She's the pretty face just below, wearing my latest earings.

And here are a couple of pictures I took on my own of said flower earrings.

I love the rich orange of this fabric. It's a colour that I always associate with fall and I love to see it in fall accessories.

These are only just over 2cm or about half an inch (0.5inches) and I think they are very cute indeed but, at the same time, I can't wait to make some much, much bigger ones.
Real statement earrings.


  1. Duni did a great job reviewing your items. Love the little flower earrings :)

  2. so cute and so beautiful Gia! Well done! I love them!

  3. They are so pretty, love the beads, the colour, everything about them really!

  4. πανεμορφα σκουλαρικια! απλα υπεροχα


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