Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vintage Bag Patterns - Part 1

While my love for vintage patterns encompasses every kind of pattern, vintage accessory patterns are my biggest love. Whether they are hats, bags, gloves, scarves, belts, etc, irrespective of decade or style, I love them all.
I'll be sharing some of my vintage patterns here and I'm starting today with some of my vintage bag patterns. 

1943 - Du Barry 5763

1968 - McCalls 9291

1963 - McCalls 6794

2001 - Vogue 7252 - Historical Purses

1940s? - Talon College Catch-All
Vogue accessories 7531

The only bag I've made from these so far is the Vogue 7531 boho bag which I love (I've shared it here) and I plan to remake it with various alterations -resizing, adding pockets and changing the handle somewhat.

But that's a tale for another day....


  1. τι vintage καλε? εδω βλεπω ότι επαναλμβανεται η μοδα και οι τσαντουλες αυτες ειναι εκπληκιτκες! ανυπομωνω να δω τι άλλο θα φτιαξεις!

  2. I have been looking for that McCalls 9291pattern! Do you actually have it? Will you or can you sell/reproduce/share/anything?? I'll check back here because I don't know how communication works on this site. Kudos to you for keeping these wonderful old patters alive.

    1. Hi there! It's a pretty hard pattern to find, I know. I'd been looking for it for ages before I got it.
      If you leave me a link to a blog/facebook account/etc -or even an email- I can get back to you through that.


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